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[ رقم تلفون ] الركن الرياضي | sports corner qatar ..قطر

by الإدارة

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الركن الرياضي | sports corner qatar

Since 1979 we have been catering to the needs of sports and fitness industry of Qatar thus enabling people to lead a healthy life and giving LIFE the best.


“The best Sports Goods” Company of choice, based on product “expertise, price, quality, and level of service”, by developing a long term relationship with our customers. Become the “family expert” for sporting goods by “treating customers like friends and family” and by maintaining experienced, knowledgeable, and caring staffs that can help the customer make the right purchase for them, whether they are individuals outfitting their family, or coaches, athletic directors and others.



العنوان بالتفصيل :

Doha, The State of Qatar 5508

هاتف : 44326577
الجوال : 55483809

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